[Continued] Welcome to the International Village Mall!

Over the last five years, Vancouver’s Chinatown - one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city - has experienced significant economic, physical and cultural rejuvenation, leading to increased development in its residential and retail landscapes. Amid this transformation, the IVM has successfully preserved its architectural integrity (as a 3-storey structure with high ceilings, colourful floors and walls that have been intricately carved by local craftsmen) as well as a wide range of heritage-inspired restaurants and shops.


The dynamic nature of the mall is apparent in its ability to incorporate tradition and modernity alongside independent businesses and multinational brands. On the first floor, recognized retail brands are complemented by specialty, one-of-a-kind stores: from your daily essentials at Starbucks and Rexall to the more “quirky” yet quality items, such as those from Japanese-based supplier, Yokoyaya and department store outlet, the Krill Apparel. While gift getters are presented with a unique selection of boutiques and vintage stores such as One of Kind Jade & Arts, LG Cashmere, Galaxy Optical Eyewear, Patchwork and Touch of Africa, the passionate hobbyist is encouraged to explore more unique boutiques, such as Vikings and Dragons, Inglenuk, Sunny Stones, Glory Link International, the World Kid’s Bookstore and Vivo Interiors.


The International Village Mall is also known for its distinct art galleries located on the second floor, which include the Ayden Gallery and the International Arts Gallery. Each provides a unique interpretation of the Vancouver arts scene, and host several creative events throughout the year that all are welcome to join. Finally, be sure to experience the extensive selection of cuisines at either the international food court (also located on the second floor) or any of the other restaurants situated around the building. The International Village will surely satisfy your every craving, whether you are in the mood for pub food and a cold beer, Asian cuisine, or all kinds of delicious cuisines.


Mall Hours


Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Sunday & Holidays: 10:00am - 10:00pm


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